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The Pâté-Croûte World Championship - UK FINALS 2024

A unique culinary contest for the masters of pâté en croûte, presented by our patron sponsor CLASSIC FINE FOODS

The Championship

This unique global competition is designed to help preserve a centuries-old, French culinary tradition — the artful preparation of Pâté en Croûte

UK finals 2024 - Presented by Classic Fine Foods

The 2nd UK Finals will be held on Monday October 14 at SAVOY Hotel in London. More candidates, more jury, new format. Don't miss the show!

Register now

Are you ready to showcase your innovative twists and culinary prowess on the international stage of the Pâté Croûte Championship? Application for the 2nd UK semi-final are now opened for entries!


Join us in championing culinary artistry: Partner with the leading Pâté en Croûte competition and elevate your brand within a community passionate about fine food and innovation.

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