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classic fine foods

They bring you the very best from around the world.

Through close partnerships with their suppliers they deliver, on demand, the highest quality of fresh, frozen and pastry products to the best restaurants and hotels across the UK, enabling the creation of menus and recipes that will excite the most demanding of tastes, as well as supplying the most prestigious department stores and gourmet food outlets.



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M. CHAPOUTIER wines are crafted with uttermost attention and respect. Winemaking and vineyard management are the strictest representation of the terroir and the vintage. Humility is at the heart of the M. CHAPOUTIER soul. Nature always has the final say. The winemaker observes, decides and guides nature in the most respectful way possible. ‘Fac et spera’ (do and hope), has become the family currency, an ethos which has given rise to four fundamental values : respect, boldness, generosity and conviviality!


classic fine foods


classic fine foods

Our history is above all that of the Rougié family and its first workshop created in 1875.
A producer of exceptional ducks and foies gras, Rougié is today an emblem of French gastronomy and is proud to delight the most demanding palates with the quality of its products.
Buoyed by this success and the quality of its foie gras, Rougié has forged strong links with the world's greatest chefs and is now present on the most prestigious tables.


classic fine foods


classic fine foods



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For over two centuries, Matfer Bourgeat, a 100% French industrial group, has become the world leader in equipment for professional kitchens and laboratories. This success is driven by a very French passion for taste and quality as well as by an unquenchable appetite for innovation.

Matfer is well known for it’s design and manufacture of small equipment items for the culinary professions by combining tradition, quality and innovation. As the MB Group has recently expanded to include new factories, it can now support every full project from design kitchen environments, pastry shop tailor made displays, buffet hotels solutions, wine cellars, meal distribution and many others,… Do you have a project?



Revol porcelain is a family owned-business that has developed a very unique expertise in manufacturing culinary porcelain, since 1768. Every piece of REVOL you buy illuminates a piece of the history, know-how and compassion that will demonstrate what makes us different as a manufacturer and what our values are.



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The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, is perfectly located on the River Thames, in the heart of all that London has to offer. At the forefront of the luxury hotel scene for over 130 years, The Savoy offers guests an experience that continuously evolves to meet the desires of the modern traveller.



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Hospitality media specialists in print, digital, live and social. Chef & Restaurant Mag, Chef HQ Live, Craft Guild.

Extraordinary attention to print quality, key guidelines with regard to content and imagery, and the desire to supply their readership with a an engaging monthly magazine.



French in London is the leading web magazine for the French-speaking community in the UK. They host a free forum and share top news articles to more than 35,000 members and premium subscribers. Sign up to the weekly newsletter and receive the latest news, events, and tips every Friday morning.



classic fine foods


classic fine foods